December 17, 2020

Top five reasons to upgrade your garage door opener.

Don’t fix it if it’s not broke, right? It’s going up and down, what else can I possibly expect from it? I’m not into all that fancy technology. These are some of the things I hear from customers when it comes to talking about replacing a garage door opener that’s not quite dead. So in our latest blog I’m going to give you the top five reasons to upgrade your garage door opener to the latest technology. At the root of every recommendation we make our goal is to recommend what’s best for the customer overall. So here it goes, top five reasons to replace your garage door opener.

5. The latest technology is the quietest, most reliable systems ever made by Liftmaster. The belt driven models have become the industry standard. Liftmaster’s 8550 model comes with a lifetime guarantee on the belt to give you peace of mind that it will never falter.

4. Most cars come with built-in home link in the rearview mirror or visor, and older systems usually are not compatible. So instead of worrying about losing that remote control, or someone stealing it off of your visor, having the program built into your car eliminates those concerns.

3. Once a garage door opener reaches its life expectancy, (12-15 years for most), customers will actually spend more than a new one costs over the period of 2 to 3 years. It’s like keeping your car as it’s literally falling apart, and you’re spending more on maintenance than a car payment would cost. Sometimes a little more upfront saves a lot more down the line.

2. The latest technology allows you to download and control the door from a smart phone app on your phone. Not only allowing you to open and close the door remotely from anywhere in the world, but you can customize alerts, periodically check to make sure your door is closed, and be alerted immediately if your door opens without your knowledge. This app cost nothing extra and is part of Liftmaster‘s wonderful customer service. Think about this, your 2 miles from home and all of a sudden it hits you, did I close the garage door??? Peace of mind by simply looking at your smart phone app and knowing that you did close it or closing it if you did not.

1. Safety, safety, and safety! The most current systems are the safest ever. Not only do they have the safety beams at the bottom of the garage door, but they have a built-in automatic reversal system that senses pressure when it’s in the down motion. The smart technology has taken the responsibility out of the installers hands. It automatically senses the pressure needed to close the door and sets itself to that, nothing more and nothing less. If your door is out of balance or not working properly it will let you know instead of pushing past it and causing a potential safety hazard. The garage door is the largest moving appliance on any home and the safety should be the most important part of any installation.

Those of the top five reasons to replace your garage door opener with the latest technology. Give us a call at Green Eagle Garage Door and let us do a free estimate for you. The most common phrase I hear from customers after replacing their garage door opener is, wow I should’ve done this a long time ago!

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